Slow Down and Live

Blessed is the man
who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
nor stand in the seat of sinners…but his delight
is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates
day and night.
– Psalm 1:1-2 –
We need to slow down like the psalmist to spend times with the Lord, to listen to His Word and to worship Him. We are always rushing to do something or to go somewhere. We take so little interests in the things around us and very often we miss the voice of the Lord God in our midst. When was the last time you and I consider over spiritual matters and allow God Yahweh to speak to us His Word of life?
The psalmist find his greatest delight in the Law of the Lord and he meditates on it day and night. Now the common respond will be "where got time?" We need to find time to spend with God. We need to learn to set aside times of worship and holy devotion unto our Lord. Only then can the blessings of heaven can flow in and through you so that u can bless others.
At one point of my life, I thought I could run my life and do it without God. I stopped going to church for sabbathical rest and my Quiet Time was irregular. However God had to try many ways to catch my attention and bidding me to come back to His sabbath rest. Some of the ways that He used, trust me, were pretty nasty.
We really need to slow down at times to allow the Spirit of God to send down refreshing living waters and to allow Him to renew our minds and strength so that we can soar higher for His glory.
God must be the center of our lives….and my life…. 
The Gate Keeper 07

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