Our Dwelling Place – God

"And he went out, not knowing where he was going…" Genesis 12:8
It is rather hard to see God as a dwelling place. I am sure that it wasn’t easy for Abraham too. In His 75th year, he was called by Almighty God to leave the place that he was familiar with and to move on to another place of totally different cultures and tradition. I can imagine his last week in his hometown. He’d probably met up with his childhood friends on a Monday morning for breakfast. They spent about the whole morning talking about their childhood mischiefs and how they would run up the hillside and explored the many wonders there. On Tuesday, he probably visited his neighbours and telling them about his plan. He would probably be listening to many different opinions about his decision to leave. One might have told him to obey God and keep His commandment. Others might say, "Don’t leave us. We’ll all miss you!" Abraham could have gone back home with many questions about his decision and perhaps even queustioning the authenticity of what he heard was God’s call.
Come Wednesday and Thursday, it could have been two busy days of packing. Being the head of the family, he had to make sure that the family would have enough for the journey. All properties and logistics had to be accounted for and properly packed to avoid damage. Those who have shifted their homes will understand the trouble  of it all. Come Friday, they needed to do a final check on their inventory lists and prepare for a last dinner the evening. It must have been a pretty solemn moment for the family to uproot themselves and to move on to a place where they know not. There could be still doubts in Abraham’s heart. Perhaps Sarai coule have told him and say, "Are you really sure that God told you to leave this country? It’s still not too late to unpack and stay where we are." It must have been a sleepless night for both of them.
But they pulled through the night and Abraham’s final decision was to move on as the Lord Yahweh would direct them. He decided to make God his dwelling place: to be where His Presence would lead him and his family. He chose to "abide under the shadow of the Almighty" (Psalm 91). He knew full well that only in the Presence of God can he find certainty and assurance. God will never forsake him.
I am also experiencing changes and uncertainty. Will I still be a teacher by June? What will I be if I leave the teaching vocation? Will I have success? Is it time for me to move on? But I choose to leave under His wings and let His Presence, His Shekinah Presence lead and guide me.
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