From Ecclesiasticus or The Wisdom of Jesus son of Sirach

Was reading the above-mentioned book from the Apocrypha. Find some of the proverbs very interesting.
The fear of the Lord brings honour and pride, cheerfulness and a garland of joy.
Ecc 1:11.
Do not rely upon money and say, ‘I am independent.’ Do not yield to every impulse you can gratify or follow the desires of your heart. Do not say, ‘I am my own master’; you may be sure the Lord will call you to account. Ecc 5:1-3
Do not be too clever to do a day’s work or boast when you have nothing to live on. It is better to work and have more than enough than to boast and go hungry.
Ecc 10: 26-27.
My son, do not engage in too many transactions; if you attempt too much, you will come to grief. Ecc 11:10
Good fortune and bad, life and death, poverty and wealth, all come from the Lord. Ecc 11:14.
Prosperity does not reveal your friends; adversity does not conceal your enemies. Ecc 12:8.
The Lord created man from the earth and sent him back to it again. Ecc 17:1
Before you speak, learn…Ecc 18:19
There is nothing so bad as a bad wife…Ecc 25:19
All is food for the stomach, but one food it better than another. Ecc 36:18
Renounce your faults, amend your ways, and cleanse your heart from all sin.
Ecc 38:10

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