Whatever happen to their passion?

It’s sad to see so many teachers’ passions being reduced to nothing over the past one year plus. What is happening? Once a passionate teacher and today we hear so much talks about resignation and "seeing open". Once a sacred calling but now they call it "shitty" job. Whatever is happening to their passion? It’s not easy to be a teacher. But yet, so few really appreciate the works of a teacher. So few really understand the hardships and mental struggle of a teacher. Even among fellow teachers, the level of sympathy or empathy varies. On one hand teachers are expected to perform the duty of an educator, on the other hand, they are overwhelmed by the demands for them to be a good accountants, counsellors, managers and administrators and the list goes on. Perhaps many teachers are facing a serious identity crisis about their career. Who are we exactly? We are professionals but in what area? Or are we really professionals?
And thus, teachers sometimes are confused regarding their so called "sacred duty". Furthermore, they are often being branded in terms of grade which is subjected to aspects of their jobs which has little to do with teaching and learning. And such branding make teacher dis-believe in themselves and eventually their passion. They no longer feel that this is a noble vocation but just another job. If teaching has been reduced to just another job, then what is the value of education?
Many teachers need healing and restoration!
What teachers really need is lots of encouragement and recognition.
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