Thank God It’s Friday

Praise the Lord! It’s finally Friday. This has been a long week for many of us. Why? Well, this is the first full week for us. From Monday to Friday and with lots of work and dealines to meet. God is real good to see us through this week. Anyway, the week so far has been smooth going and my secondary one classes are all pretty okay except for a handful of potential trouble makers. Well, I guess nothing is really perfect. It’s still the 80-20 rules: 80% of the people in the organisation will help you to achieve what you want and there will always be that 20% who will not move together with you. Actually I am not true if I really believe in this myself.
For the rest of the week, my prayer is that
Fill my eyes O my God
With the vision of the Cross
Fill my heart with love for Jesus the Nazarene!
Fill my mouth with Thy praise
Let me sing through endless days
Take my will let my life be wholly Thine! Amen.

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