My feeling to resign from the teaching vocation remains pretty strong. Like I said to to my reporting officer, I am only short of submitting the resignation letter. I find the term ‘resignation’ very apt in my case. I really resigned from all my passion and aspiration about teaching and education. I am sad to do so but I cannot see myself carrying on with it. It is a big struggle to stay in the teaching vocation and at the same time knowing that  things are really not what it seems to Abram, I need to allow God Yahweh to lead me to the place that He will show me. I have a few more months to look for a good and decent job to quit.
My feeling to leave the vocation is a mixed feelings. On one hand I am happy to see my bond coming to an end. On the other hand, I am very sad to leave the vocation that I am once full of passion and aspiration. I hate the fact that I am no longer passionate about being a teacher. I am sad, very sad. It’s like someone telling you that you have heard your calling wrongly.
I really hope that SC will cool down for a while before submitting his resignation. I know that it is pretty firm for him to leave but I hope he won’t submit until his bond is done. I know he is as frustrated as I am because he felt that his passion has been sabotaged.
All that I can do now is to pray for SLK , SC and of course myself, that God will lead us through this difficult times and bring us to the place of success in our lives.
the gatekeeper 07

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