Extended Prayer

Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the gift of teaching.
I thank you for teachers who have dedicated their lives
for such sacred service. Lord, you know that teaching is
a job that requires more than just a passion. It is a divine
calling, a holy commission. At the same time, teachers
who dedicated their lives have opened themselves too to many
hurts and disappointments. Many because of such
hurts and disappointments have their passion and calling going down
the drain. Many have lost their passion to impact young lives and to
develop them into men and women of integrity and courage.
Lord, our teachers need healing and restoration.
Our teachers need to be encouraged and to be spurred
to keep the fire going. God, you know the daily struggles that they have to go through. Lord, you know the silent cry every morning before the school’s bell go signalling the beginning of a new day in school. Lord, you know how they feel like a tattered soldier after a whole day of teaching and their many other duties.
Lord, empower them. Strengthen them and keep them alive and well each day.
Heal them of their wounds and bruises. Bind their broken hearts and deliver them from all their troubles. Bless our teachers O Lord! In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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