What is the value of Education?

What is this thing call Education?
Recently I have heard of someone who got a poor grading for his/her performance last work year. His/Her supervisors and him/her sat down to discuss what they need to do to help him/her. Interestingly, they told this person that they would try to off load him/her from other duties so that this person can focus on teaching and learning before he/she is reviewed again. I was thinking about the case and finds it very puzzling. Why must they wait till this person got a poor grading then they make the decision to off load him/her from all other duties to focus on teaching and learning? Does that mean that teaching and learning is of the least of importance? Should not this be the first thing to do when any teacher decided to answer the high calling to teach and to educate the next generation?
What is the value of education in our society today? Where do we place education? How do we make sense of this thing call education? I have heard many teachers (both locals and overseas) complaining that they have no time to plan their lessons and as a result they simply take their books and go into the classroom. After one to two hours, or sometimes three hours of classroom lessons, they have to rush back to the office and continue on with what is more important to the schools, that is the various administrative works, projects initiated by the school leaders and other programmes which sometimes have very little to do with teaching and learning. Some says that teaching is 70% admin and 30% teaching. Then where is the place of teaching and learning in this whole thing call Education!
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