Today I feel very lethargic

I don’t know why but I feel very lethargic today. I just don’t feel well. Am I dying?
Anyway don’t think so. I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. I was in class and I didn’t feel like teaching. I was not motivated to teach. Then I went around asking people "how can I motivate my students to learn when I am not motivated to teach?" Well no one really has an answer to the question. Me too. I hope I will be better tomorrow.
I went for a run after picking up my beloved niece. She is also very tired. The moment I carried her, she rested on my shoulder and fell asleep. I guess she is as tired as I am now. My run did some good to me. The wind was blowing against me and that really feels refreshing. I felt as though it was the Holy Spirit blowing His breath on me.
God, set my heart at rest that I may love and serve You better!
the gatekeeper 07

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