Good Lessons

I am quite satisfy with my lessons this week. I can confidently say that most of them are engaged with my lessons and they are finding History very interesting as a subject. It’s actually very fulfilling teaching this batch of secondary one students. Even the Normal Technical students are pretty good. They are responsive to the lessons and they want to learn. To a large extent, I can see hope in them so far. On the other hand, let’s not be too positive about them since it is only the fifth week.
I was particularly happy with 3T9 during our Friday English lesson. They were so responsive and engaged in the works that I gave them. We did it together and they felt very confident with themselves. I came out from the class very fulfilled and satisfied with them. I am so glad that my students look forward to my lessons. A few students from 1E5 came to me and said that they love History and me lessons are very interesting. All praise to the Lord!
Every Sunday during the Coporate Intercession in Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, I will offer my prayers to God on behalf of them. I think the greatest thing that a teacher can give to the students is to stand in the gap, between God and them, bridging them with the Divine. My students need the Lord! Our teachers need the Lord! Our school needs the Lord! Everyone need the Lord!
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