Happy Meal

We stayed overnight in school again. As usual the camp is on and we are out or in for great ideas. This time round we will have a great steamboat meal together. I guess only people like us can think of ideas like this. I brought the steamboat from home and we went to buy all the goodies from NTUC.
It was a good meal together. Lots of laughter and fun. It’s amazing how we can become so closely knitted. We have only known each other for two to thee years. I guess it’s because we see each other almost every day. It’s also because we have been through projects after projects.
Good friends are indeed hard to come by. We should treasure them. We should remember them. Well, but it’s always when we are parting that we realised sometimes treasuring them can be near to impossible. Friends are probably the best thing that happened to me in the school.
Well, got to sleep. Going to sleep besides my workstation. It’ll be another hard day of work again.
May the Lord God empower me and strengthen me to an effective teacher to all my students.
the gatekeeper 07

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