Reflection on Worship

Was in the service at Church of Praise. I was in the church since the church was 4 years old. To date I think I had been with the church for 10 over years until recent years. It’s great to see that the church is now in a more settled place. I like the worship place at Carepoint and I think those who have been in this church long enough will appreciate the place more. As I was in the service and while the rest of the singing was going on, the Lord God dropped me a little message. He said that it really doesn’t matter where we worship the Lord. It really doesn’t how we worship the Lord. The Lord God is seeking the true worshipper who worships the Lord in spirit and in truth.
Worship is a spiritual thing. Alot of people try to make it a physical thing. However it is purely and wholly a spiritual acitivity. When we worship the Lord with all of our heart and mind and soul, our spirit is connected with the Holy Spirit of God. The Spirit of the Living God then lead us into holy communion with the Father and the Son. In this communion, God reveals through His Spirit the divine things and allow us to catch a glimpse of His majesty and glory. But ultimately, worship is about glorifying God and enjoying Him.
Worship is also about knowing God. God wants us to worship Him in truth, in the knowledge of His Son and divine majesty. It is God’s desire to make Himself known to us. The whole idea of creation is to reveal the divine and introduce man to the heavenlies. However, the first man, Adam, fell from that and from generations to generations, it is impossible for man to know God to His fullest. God changed this condition by sending His Son to break the great division, between God and man, and reconcile us back to God Almighty! Today, we can once again walk into the Most Holy Place and behold His Mercy Seat, the light of His Shekinah glory!
So it doesn’t really matter where I am and where I will be. Where the Presence of the Lord God is, there will always be a song from my heart to Him!
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