Happy New Year!

Praise the Lord for another new year! His mercies and grace are new every morning and every year. I would like to wish everyone a
Happy Chinese New Year and may the good Lord bless you and keep you in His perfect peace!
Last night we were rushing out all the Carnival Tickets and it was really fun, though very tiring. I really want to thank God for a great team who is willing to sacrifice their own times. It was fun stamping each and individual carnival ticket. And it was more fun for us to just simply come together to do something. It’s rare occasion that we can just come together to have so much fun and laughter. It’s amazing how we were able to rush out the tickets for the students.
This morning we did it again. With the effort of everybody in the committee, we rushed out the tickets for all the teachers so that they can bring with them during their Chinese New Year visitation. Praise the Lord and all glory belongs to Him and Him alone! Of course, all thanks to everyone in the Committee.
It was also a great time together at Sanur too, a good lunch indeed! I had a good catch up with some of my colleagues and friends. Really amazing and I really thank God for every moment that we can spend time like this. Praise God!The food was good, the fellowship was even better. Time well spent indeed!
Okay that’s all for now!
the gatekeeper 07

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