But whatever I had, I counted as loss
for the sake of Christ.
Indeed, I count everything as loss
because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.
For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things
and count them as rubbish,
in order that I may gain Christ and be found in Him,
not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law,
but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God
that depends on faith – that I may know Him and the
power of His resurrection,
and may share His suffering, becoming like Him in His death,
that by any means possible I may
attain the resurrection from the dead.
Philippians 3:7-11

A Day in the Asian Civilization Museum

Unlike what most people say about museum visits, that is when you walk through the galleries, you walk through times and spaces that were past. I had a different sentiment when I walked through the many galleries with a friend on Thursday. I felt that time came to a standstill. I felt myself entering into a timeless zone and right before my eyes were flashed glimpses of the past. It started as a morning breakie appointment with a good friend of mine. As we were wondering what to do next with the rest of the day, ACM came in so timely.
The day started with much reluctance to move out of bed, such comfort zone! The feeling of being wrapped around by your comforter with only your underwear is just too good to abandon. Still, there is an appointment to be met. So, friend, it’s alot of sacrifice to wake up to have breakie with you!  
As walked into the museum I felt a sense of peace and comfort. I have always love history. The various galleries and displays brought me a sense of familiarity. It felt as though I have seen it before. I felt as though I was there when they were in their glorious days. The statues, the monuments and the various inscriptions were just too wonderful! They were like talking to me and telling me their stories. I could feel them speaking to my heart and my soul. In fact I could hear their stories being echoed throughout the entire museum. Yes, they came alive!
It’s a pity that I cannot touch and feel them.
I was particularly impressed by the making of special papers for Islamic calligraphy. They were so specially and carefully treated and were left for a year before they can be used for writing. The ink that’s use for Islamic calligraphy was also very impressive. The ingredients include soot, egg york and many others which I can’t remember. The marvellous thing is that they can be used for as long as you want it to be. It is so lasting that even fire cannot burn it away.
I was also very impressed by a small little buddha statue which can be dated to Sri Vijaya period in Southeast Asia. I have always wanted to see something from that period. The little statue was so complete and it just thrilled my heart to see it.
This was indeed a great trip. God you are so great!
the gatekeeper 07

Season of Lent

Lent is an important season in the church calendar. It is more so important in the Episcopal church around the world. It marks the 5 weeks before the Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday and the glorious Easter Sunday. The Lenten season is a season of fasting, praying and reflecting. It marks a time when Christians are encouraged to slow down their pace of life and devote a portion of their times to think about their relationship with God and the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ in their life.
Personally I do not fast during the Lenten season but I do allow myself to be more in tune with prayers and the reading of God’s Word. It is a time, an opportunity for me to get my spiritual life re-aligned and to look at things from God’s perspective rather than my own. It is a time that I remind myself that I am sinner saved by the grace and mercy of God, through the shedding of His blood on the Cross. It is a time for me to reaffirm my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and His holy Gospel. This is especially essential when Christianity, as a religious institution have been under alot of bomdbardment from the secular world. We had first the Da Vinchi Code by Dan Brown which sparked off a whole series of debates on the person of Mar Magdalene, the gnostic gospels and the authenticy of the Holy Bible. Recently we have a archaeological discovery that suggests that Jesus did not come back to life on the third day. His tomb was found along side with several other tombs which were named after Joseph and other names.
However the crux of the issue is not what men discovered or how we attempt to re-contruct history. The important thing is that I have discovered for myself the wonderful power of God Almighty working in my life. I have witnessed the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ in my life. No amount of archaeological or historical research can deny the power of God working in our lives. That’s my faith! How can anyone who have tasted the goodness and the love of God and still say that "perhaps the Bible is wrong" or "perhaps there is no God".
During this Lent season, I urge you, my friends and buddies, to re-think your faith.
the gatekeeper 07

My Spiritual Life

The Book of Common Prayer is my source of devotion to God Yahweh! I pray it almost everyday. The liturgical prayers help to keep me in tune with God and reminding me constantly that He is the God who forgives and full of compassion and love. I am reminded of His mercy and the importance of intercession everyday. I am also guided and scheduled to read His holy Word everyday. Most essentially, I am reminded of the life of Jesus Christ when I am met with the various seasons in the church calendar, such as Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Maundy Thursday and etc. All of these help to remind me of His holy life on earth and the example that I have to follow.
However, still I cannot decide for myself which church should I settle myself. Sigh. I, of course favours the Anglican form of worship, but I am not satisfied with just coming to church and warm the pew. I want to do something for God Yahweh. I don’t wish to go back to CP because I don’t think I am able to fit into it. I don’t know why, just can’t fit into it. So I am really confused. Although I really know that it doesn’t matter where I am but still the it is important to place yourself in the right place. I have been thinking about Covenant EFC which is building around Vista Point. But this is not an Anglican church. How?
I guess that’s the reason why I rather remain "churchless" for the time being. Well I will still be going to SAC at the moment.
I am making plan to go to Mongolia in June. Hope this will come to past with Ah Chye and perhaps some other. I am sure it will be a great trip. So far travelling with Ah Chye has been fun and interesting. Perhaps it is time for me to travel a long distance and really reflect and relax.
Well, guess that’s all for now.
the gatekeeper 07