My Spiritual Life

The Book of Common Prayer is my source of devotion to God Yahweh! I pray it almost everyday. The liturgical prayers help to keep me in tune with God and reminding me constantly that He is the God who forgives and full of compassion and love. I am reminded of His mercy and the importance of intercession everyday. I am also guided and scheduled to read His holy Word everyday. Most essentially, I am reminded of the life of Jesus Christ when I am met with the various seasons in the church calendar, such as Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Maundy Thursday and etc. All of these help to remind me of His holy life on earth and the example that I have to follow.
However, still I cannot decide for myself which church should I settle myself. Sigh. I, of course favours the Anglican form of worship, but I am not satisfied with just coming to church and warm the pew. I want to do something for God Yahweh. I don’t wish to go back to CP because I don’t think I am able to fit into it. I don’t know why, just can’t fit into it. So I am really confused. Although I really know that it doesn’t matter where I am but still the it is important to place yourself in the right place. I have been thinking about Covenant EFC which is building around Vista Point. But this is not an Anglican church. How?
I guess that’s the reason why I rather remain "churchless" for the time being. Well I will still be going to SAC at the moment.
I am making plan to go to Mongolia in June. Hope this will come to past with Ah Chye and perhaps some other. I am sure it will be a great trip. So far travelling with Ah Chye has been fun and interesting. Perhaps it is time for me to travel a long distance and really reflect and relax.
Well, guess that’s all for now.
the gatekeeper 07

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