Season of Lent

Lent is an important season in the church calendar. It is more so important in the Episcopal church around the world. It marks the 5 weeks before the Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday and the glorious Easter Sunday. The Lenten season is a season of fasting, praying and reflecting. It marks a time when Christians are encouraged to slow down their pace of life and devote a portion of their times to think about their relationship with God and the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ in their life.
Personally I do not fast during the Lenten season but I do allow myself to be more in tune with prayers and the reading of God’s Word. It is a time, an opportunity for me to get my spiritual life re-aligned and to look at things from God’s perspective rather than my own. It is a time that I remind myself that I am sinner saved by the grace and mercy of God, through the shedding of His blood on the Cross. It is a time for me to reaffirm my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and His holy Gospel. This is especially essential when Christianity, as a religious institution have been under alot of bomdbardment from the secular world. We had first the Da Vinchi Code by Dan Brown which sparked off a whole series of debates on the person of Mar Magdalene, the gnostic gospels and the authenticy of the Holy Bible. Recently we have a archaeological discovery that suggests that Jesus did not come back to life on the third day. His tomb was found along side with several other tombs which were named after Joseph and other names.
However the crux of the issue is not what men discovered or how we attempt to re-contruct history. The important thing is that I have discovered for myself the wonderful power of God Almighty working in my life. I have witnessed the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ in my life. No amount of archaeological or historical research can deny the power of God working in our lives. That’s my faith! How can anyone who have tasted the goodness and the love of God and still say that "perhaps the Bible is wrong" or "perhaps there is no God".
During this Lent season, I urge you, my friends and buddies, to re-think your faith.
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