A Day in the Asian Civilization Museum

Unlike what most people say about museum visits, that is when you walk through the galleries, you walk through times and spaces that were past. I had a different sentiment when I walked through the many galleries with a friend on Thursday. I felt that time came to a standstill. I felt myself entering into a timeless zone and right before my eyes were flashed glimpses of the past. It started as a morning breakie appointment with a good friend of mine. As we were wondering what to do next with the rest of the day, ACM came in so timely.
The day started with much reluctance to move out of bed, such comfort zone! The feeling of being wrapped around by your comforter with only your underwear is just too good to abandon. Still, there is an appointment to be met. So, friend, it’s alot of sacrifice to wake up to have breakie with you!  
As walked into the museum I felt a sense of peace and comfort. I have always love history. The various galleries and displays brought me a sense of familiarity. It felt as though I have seen it before. I felt as though I was there when they were in their glorious days. The statues, the monuments and the various inscriptions were just too wonderful! They were like talking to me and telling me their stories. I could feel them speaking to my heart and my soul. In fact I could hear their stories being echoed throughout the entire museum. Yes, they came alive!
It’s a pity that I cannot touch and feel them.
I was particularly impressed by the making of special papers for Islamic calligraphy. They were so specially and carefully treated and were left for a year before they can be used for writing. The ink that’s use for Islamic calligraphy was also very impressive. The ingredients include soot, egg york and many others which I can’t remember. The marvellous thing is that they can be used for as long as you want it to be. It is so lasting that even fire cannot burn it away.
I was also very impressed by a small little buddha statue which can be dated to Sri Vijaya period in Southeast Asia. I have always wanted to see something from that period. The little statue was so complete and it just thrilled my heart to see it.
This was indeed a great trip. God you are so great!
the gatekeeper 07

One thought on “A Day in the Asian Civilization Museum

  1. Hello, it is also tough for me to wake up to meet you for brekkie ok and someone mention to meet at 9am initially. =) 
    They use the egg white instead of egg yolk. The use the egg white of a duck cos they are whiter than the egg white of a chicken.
    Next round, National Museum pls and a good breakfast again … =) HAha… we can have Mac\’s Bagel breakfast.

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