Carnival Day

Carnival DayYou‘ve Got No Choice!!!
The carnival is finally over! We stayed overnight the night before and had a great time together working and having a rooftop BBQ. I could see that that everyone was very tired and the mind was really put to the test to stay awake and alert. Well, one best way to do that is to do crazy things and thrilled our minds. It was a long long night as most of us slept around 3 to 4 in the morning. I had only 3 hours of sleep. I woke up at 6 plus and started working immediately with Chye. Doing up the Redemption Counter and making sure that everything was in place.
Well, the Carnival started unofficially at 8:30am. The students arrived and there started one whole day of huzzer and buzzer. Somehow, I knew, or we knew very well that we were all very tired, but the one wave after another of activities and problems and issues distracted us off our tiredness. So, the body seems to be separated from the mind. Perhaps Decartes is right about the Body-Mind dualism. It can be separated. For almost 10 hours that day, we all put aside ourselves and tiredness and purpose to make everything works. We were all hit by our tiredness only when we all pushed our store into the Girl’s Room and sat down there for a time of complaints. We all had our complaints and unhappiness. We all had our grievances and despair.
One of the things that were mentioned, and probably the most crucial issue, is that the teachers were not really with us on that day itself. They were not at their stalls…they were not following instruction…I know some teachers were really enjoying themselves and blending together with students to make this a fun-filled day. I really appreciate their efforts and commitment. But for some, I must say, we are not examplilary of the things that we always tell our students. Anyway it is all over! To God be the glory…great things He has done!
It’s not over yet. P wants us to have a 2 days 1 night retreat for the Carnival Committee members to reflect on the whole project. Well, let’s take this time to celebrate our efforts!

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