Mizuno Run

Mizuno Run
We did our run this morning. It was a good get together. It was also a tough run. I started pretty well with my buddies but when I was making my way up Mt. Faber I felt cold and clamsy. I knew my glucose level was going down and I really had to stop. My diabetes medicine was taking effect of reducing the glucose count in my body. I thought the sweetened milo would do some help but no. It was a struggle but I thank God for my two buddies who waited for my and stopped to wait for me. They didn’t have to but still they did. Well, still I managed to finish the 10km run.
After the run, we had a nice talk at the ‘canteen’ and it was good and refreshing.
Throughout the whole afternoon, I was feeling very lethargic and restless. My whole body was not mine and I certainly felt the fatique of the run. I am really not sure if I can still take on the Realrun challenge and the Standard Chart. Marathon. I am so worried that I will collapse half way, especially after what happened today.
Anyway, I think I will not think too much. Still I am looking forward to the next get together and a good run.
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