Oh Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem

Jerusalem Jerusalem
Let us not forget the City of God…
                  forget not His people…….the Jews….
Let us not forget Jerusalem…..
                  forget not the resting place of His glory…
Israel is the only place on earth that God set aside for His own and His glory….
                   He called it His home…His dwelling place….His sanctuary…His mountain……
Let us not forget……
                   Give me no peace, no rest….


I am sure this is familiar for most of us guys. "Knock it down!" There is another song in the army which somtimes still rings in my mind….
"Today is my book out day….du lah du lah!
     Today is my book out day…du lah du lah deh!
  No more SOC no more IFC…
       No more sergeant F**KING me…
  Du lah du lah deh…"
The good old GREEN days…..
Did we really become MAN…or just man……yes sir! no sir!
Maybe it’s not the uniform….maybe it’s not the rifle….maybe it’s not the heavy boots….
What did we lose? What did we gain?
Oh Singapore Oh Singapore…our Island we adore….adore? or abhor?
Count on me Singapore…Count on me Singapore….Count on my 7% GST…
Whatever it is….
We Love Singapore!
the gaterkeeper 07

Holiday…ho ho ho

Inner Mongolia
One more week before I am on my way to Inner Mongolia. How excited that is! It’s been my desire to go to Mongolia since the time I joined Christ Church Secondary School. I remembered telling my colleagues then that I wanted to go Mongolia. It took me one year and more to realise the dream. Well, time needed to gather enough $$$ to go there and time needed to gather the right people to go there. Much have been said about this beautiful land and now we have much to see from there. I am sure that there’s much in store for us this time round. This is the third time I am travelling with ah chye and he is indeed a good fellow traveller.
I have bought as much as 4GB of memory cards to take photos and motion video. This time I am going to make a good album for myself and friends.
Okay all you guys anad gals out there….wish me a good trip there! God with us….Emmanuel!
God bless Mongolia!
the gatekeeper 07

I am in love…finally in love

I am in love….finally in love….
I am in love! I have fallen in love! To my great surprise and amazement, I am actually in love with someone. Things seem very different ever since I have fallen in love with her. She has been the source of my inspiration. Everything that I do and every words that I say are so filled of her. She is all over me and I am sure that I am all over her too. Every moment I am thinking of her. I know that she is always with me.
I keep singing her song and my nose is filled with her fragrance. I know I love her. I know that I need to love her. I know very well that without her I am just a body. Without her, I am just an "it". She gives me hope for the future and strength for today. She gives me courage to face tomorrow and faith to challenge the present. I can never find another person who knows me as well as she does….she is simply marvellous and so attractive.
She has a charisma that you simply can’t resist. When she calls, you simply have to answer and respond to her bidding. My heart is leap for joy at the mention of her name…her name is beautiful. I can ever hear her calling me to embrace her….she is beautiful. She is so good and so powerful….She has the most beautiful and wonderful name that you can think of….and HER NAME is LIFE….
Let’s celebrate LIFE!
the gatekeeper 07

Sungei Buloh

Sungei Buloh
As planned, we went to Sungei Buloh for a day trip. It was a great trip. Thanks to SC who drove us there. Nature has its own way of quitely taking our tiredness and weariness away. Entering into Neo Tiew Road entered us into a different world. A much more simpler world. However, still you find a great irony there. We visited Poison Ivy. It’s such an irony. Things that were done by the poor farmers in the past now become a luxurious hobby for some. Only the rich and the famous get to do farming here. Very interesting.
Anyway, getting close to nature means getting closer to our real self. As I walked into the trail, I felt as though I can hide nothing from them. At some points all of us were just quietly walking and communicating with nature with our hearts. It seems that we were trying to write something on the leaves and trying to tell nature about all our thoughts and sentiments. Then, nature will silently safe-keep them for us and no one will ever know. Quite an interesting thought.
There is a kind of energy that is coming from nature, every leave, every plant, every bit of sound and wind in nature that reach out to us…or perhaps we are trying to reach out to them. Perhaps the modern man has long forgotten his soul…perhaps the post-modern man has confused his soul…or perhaps we have lost our souls….and in every piece of nature, the soul of man still lies…..