I am in love…finally in love

I am in love….finally in love….
I am in love! I have fallen in love! To my great surprise and amazement, I am actually in love with someone. Things seem very different ever since I have fallen in love with her. She has been the source of my inspiration. Everything that I do and every words that I say are so filled of her. She is all over me and I am sure that I am all over her too. Every moment I am thinking of her. I know that she is always with me.
I keep singing her song and my nose is filled with her fragrance. I know I love her. I know that I need to love her. I know very well that without her I am just a body. Without her, I am just an "it". She gives me hope for the future and strength for today. She gives me courage to face tomorrow and faith to challenge the present. I can never find another person who knows me as well as she does….she is simply marvellous and so attractive.
She has a charisma that you simply can’t resist. When she calls, you simply have to answer and respond to her bidding. My heart is leap for joy at the mention of her name…her name is beautiful. I can ever hear her calling me to embrace her….she is beautiful. She is so good and so powerful….She has the most beautiful and wonderful name that you can think of….and HER NAME is LIFE….
Let’s celebrate LIFE!
the gatekeeper 07

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