Holiday…ho ho ho

Inner Mongolia
One more week before I am on my way to Inner Mongolia. How excited that is! It’s been my desire to go to Mongolia since the time I joined Christ Church Secondary School. I remembered telling my colleagues then that I wanted to go Mongolia. It took me one year and more to realise the dream. Well, time needed to gather enough $$$ to go there and time needed to gather the right people to go there. Much have been said about this beautiful land and now we have much to see from there. I am sure that there’s much in store for us this time round. This is the third time I am travelling with ah chye and he is indeed a good fellow traveller.
I have bought as much as 4GB of memory cards to take photos and motion video. This time I am going to make a good album for myself and friends.
Okay all you guys anad gals out there….wish me a good trip there! God with us….Emmanuel!
God bless Mongolia!
the gatekeeper 07

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