I am back from Mongolia!

8 Days Fantastic Inner Mongolia
I am back from Mongolia. It was a wonderful trip and full of good memories. Although the travelling from one place to another was very tiring, once we were at the place of interest, the excitement was great. My heart was excited to see all the old, historical artefacts. I embraced them and I marveled at the wonder of the ancient world. There were a few points of climax in this trip. The first one is the is the Mongolian Grassland. We stayed there for one night but the experience was breathtaking. There was the horse-riding, Mongolian wrestling and of cource their singing and dancing. The most thrilling part of the stay was bunking in the traditional Mongolian tent. It was a very different experience. The stay reached its crescendo when we woke up at 4:30am to view the sunrise. It was a majestic sight. We literally saw the Sun rising from the east. God was there. I saw the mighty hand of God! It was the first time that I could view the Sun directly. I was reminded of the Day when I will be in heaven and behold the glory of His majesty. And this is just a glimps of what I will see in heaven.
The next climax was the Gu Gong or the Forbidden City. You we always see it on TV but this is the first time I am so near to it. I like to feel and touch every bit of it so as to be as close to history as possible. The only not so nice thing about it is that it is so crowded.
The climbing of the Great Wall at Ju Yong Guan was breath-taking. It was a tough climb but definitely worth it. I marvelled at the ancient world. How did they manage to complete such a project? Like wat my friend said, "we are standing on dead bodies!" Indeed! Indeed!
I was also impressed by the Buddhist art carved on caves. I was amazed by their devotion to their faith and the truth they believed in. I was overwhelmed by the purity of their heart, for without it they would not be able to carve something to great and so awesome.
I really enjoyed my 8 Days in Inner Mongolia. I thank God that He brought all of us back safe and sound. Praise the Lord!
I have attached a Mongolian singing Psalm 23 in the Mongolian style and traditional musical instrument.
the gatekeeper 07

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