My first contact with Christianity and the Person of Christ was through a Christian aunt of mine. She is not related to us by blood, but a good friend of my mother. She had a very big portrait of Christ Jesus in her living room and that was how I knew Him. To me he was an European, with a thick, nicely trimmed bear and His eyes were gentle and kind. It didn’t occur to me that He was looking at me, but each time I visited my aunt, I knew I was looking at Him. I was only a very young boy then. I didn’t know who He was. I had no idea what he had done. In only knew that He was the guy that my aunt and her family worshipped.
At a very young age, I began to wonder about the after-life. Coming from a traditional Chinese background, my idea of after-life wasn’t a good one. It was hell for me. I knew I could never be good enough to escape hell. I knew that no amount of prayers to the Budhha or Kuan Yin could deliver me from hell. I knew I was looking for something much more. I didn’t know how because I was too young.
Another thing that haunted me when I was a little boy was the devilish images I always see. Often time, when I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes, I could see images of the evil one flashed before me. They were scary! I didn’t know how to get rid of them. Sometimes they didn’t appear. I was scared. But I knew very well that there must be someone out there who could deliver me from all these. I didn’t know who could.
I arrived at the turning point of my life when someone said something to me. It was a very casual remark but it struck me and turned my life to a different direction. This person said, "Jesus, can save you from hell!" I was shocked and speechless. That was the answer that I was looking for. Jesus can save me from hell. Who is this man? Where can I find him? How can I know him? All these questions began to shroud my mind. I knew that I need to know Him. The only link I had at that time was my sister, who was in a mission school. She would always bring back gospel tracks and portion of the Holy Bible home. That’s how I got to know Christ. I didn’t have a Bible. I didn’t know how to pray, so I just talked to Him. I knew He was listening to me. I didn’t say the Campus Crusade formula of a sinner’s prayer, but I knew that moment, He already entered my life.
Sometimes later, someone said something again to me which also changed my life. She said that if you call upon the name of Jesus, the devil will flee from you. Wow! This was a good news to me. Since then, I would call upon the name of Jesus, I would recite His name again and again when I closed my eyes to sleep. And guess what? The images left me. The evil images left me totally and I was freed from them. He delivered me! Praise the Lord!
Since then, I have given my life to Jesus Christ. I never regret. It wasn’t a bed of roses all these while. But I knew that he never leave me nor forsake me. Through the years, my journey as a Christian has been a search for a deeper revelation of who He is. In Him alone, I found peace and rest. In Him alone, I obtained mercy and grace. I have been to my darkest valley, and He was there. I have been to my highest peak, and He was there too. In Him alone, there is hope…there is forgiveness…there is great joy. I can never be a good enough Christian to deserve such favour from Him…but by His Blood….the Blood of Christ our King I can stand before His Throne, forgiven and changed.
"I have decided to follow JESUS…no turning back…no turning back!"
"Though non go with me…I still will follow…!"
the gatekeeper 07

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