At many times I feel that I am very far away from God. I don’t really like the feeling. I like to wake up every morning to know that Jesus is just besides me. However, sometimes due to my own foolies, the feeling of alienation arise and cause discomfort in me. And I will wander throughout the day feeling unloved and lonely. Sometimes the situation around us seems to be telling us that there is no one else out there to carry you and life you up when you are feeling down. Loneliness can be quite unbearable at times. But, it is important to always remind ourselves that God is faithful and His love for us cannot be measured. Sometimes it can hard to believe in this, but still God is not a man that He should lie…When He said He love us…He truly and spread out His holy hands and died on the Cross. When I am once again reminded of His great love and mercy, then it will seem like heaven on earth…it will seem like I am touching heaven…God loves you…I realised that my feeling of alienation is not a sign of God leaving me…and it is me who has taken steps back and distant myself from Him….He is a faithful God…He will never leave nor forsake me… listen to the following song and know that Jesus loves you…even my 4 years old niece know that fully well.

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