Shalom Jerusalem

 Pray for the Peace of Israel
It’s been my joy and my burden over the many years of my Christian walk to be praying for Israel and the holy city, Jerusalem. The Lord has placed in my heart a strong and heavy burden to remember Israel…to pray for Israel. God has a special plan for the people of Israel and He has a special promise for them. God will never forsake the Jews and He will indeed bring them back to their Land and fulfill the promises of God written in the Holy Scripture. The New Testament did not come to replace the Old…it came to fulfill it…Israel is still relevant for today’s Church. Let’s put our hearts together to pray for Israel, that they will see the Messiah. That Yeshua will come to every Jewish heart…that indeed the glory of God will once again shine in Jerusalem, the holy dwelling of God Yahweh! Pray together with me by clicking on the Youtube link….
the gatekeeper 07

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