Its finally holiday! Again, the same old saying, "We all deserve the long-waited holiday!" Not really so for my many students who are doing their O Level Exams, especially my Sec 5 students. It’s been a long way for many of them and I am very glad to be part of their growing up over the past 4 years and more. Time flies…they were all Sec one when I first came into the school. Like them, I was also a freshman and as much as I have taught them, they were also crucial during my formative years as a teacher, as an educator. Thank you guys!
I have been a teacher for the past 5 years and I am not too sure how many more years do I have. Maybe another 1 year…perhaps another 5 years…or another 10 years. I always think that I have so many rooms for improvement as a teacher, so many that sometimes I think that I am really not a good teacher. And then, "what is good?" Who decides that whether a good teacher is good or a bad teacher is bad? Sometimes, or mot often then not, the answer lies within ourselves. I just feel that, the goodness of a teacher can not be measured. It’s not easy. 
Whatever it is, it’s the holiday…so I am going to enjoy my holiday….see yah!
the gatekeeper 07 

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