Digital Photography

My New Hobby
I have recently adopted a new hobby. I pretty or should i say very expensive one. Photography! Yes, and I bought a D SLR Camera, an Olympus E330. Cost me about 1000 plus including the insurance. Since then, I have added in my vacabulary words like Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure, and etc. Well, not that I do not know these words previously, but now with deeper meaning. One thing that came out of my new hobby is that I become more aware of the things around me. I become more aware of the lightings around me, the set ups, the display and etc. In my process of trying to familiarise with my new camera, I went around my house to take pictures of decoratives.
Anyway, I am still very new with this but I am sure I will get better next time. I find it such a joy to be able to take shots of nice moments in our lives. You know, sometimes you see something and you wish you have a camera to snap it and see it again when you are back at home. 
Ever since I bought my camera I also find myself more busy during my free time. I will be reading books on photography and trying to find out more. Well, it is a hobby, so suppose to keep me occupy.
Hope that I will be able to post some of my photography works soon!
the gatekeeper 07 

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