To My Students

To all my students Graduating
Once again, we sent off another batch of graduating students. This is our third batch and the more meaningful one to me. This is because it involves two classes of student whom I have taught for 4 years, since they were Sec 1. I was with them through their N Level. However, due to some reasons, this year, I am not their teaching them. As the students from 5/1 paied tribute to their teachers and their fellow classmates, I was so proud of each one of them. They have come a long way and the route to O Level exam was not easy for them. Just like one student said, they have been through thick and thin, ups and downs.
I remember that there were times my scolding were very harsh on them. I remember there were many moments that I almost wanted to give up on them. This is especially true in the case of 5/2 students. They were mainly from 4/6 and 4/8. I must confess that there were times that I really walked into your classroom and totally gave up on you guys. However, I constantly psychoed myself to press on…press on… I told myself I may not be a good teacher, but I must press on. I may not be that teacher that will inspire you…or one that will make you laugh and be merry…but guys…I have never given up on you! I do not dare to give up on you…why? Cos I am accountable to my God…I am accountable to my calling…and I am accountable to you!
Today is the day that you guys are stepping into a new phase in your life. It is a new milestone. I am proud to be your teacher…I am proud to be part of your life…I am honoured to be part of your growing up. As you move on from here…I want to say that BE PROUD OF YOUR YOUTH! DARE TO DREAM…and make those dreams COME TRUE. Remember Christ Church Secondary School is more than a school…it is your home…the nest that you gave birth to your dreams…
I wish you all the best…and May the Peace of the Lord be always with You!
The Gaterkeeper07

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