Jesus…the Lighthouse
I am reminded of a song I used to love so well. It was introduced to me during my years, working part-time, in a Christian bookshop. A customer came to me and asked for the song, "The Lighthouse". My immediate respond was, "what kind of song is this?" I tried to help her with the song and eventually we found it in one of the many albums. When I first heard the song I was touched by the words of the song. Now that I am hearing it again through youtube, and after going through so many ups and downs in life, the song has a much much deeper meaning to me. It was that Lighthouse that showed me the Light, and saved me from the stormy sea. It was that Lighthouse, that brighten up my moments of anguish and despair. It was the Lighthouse that saw me through the most darkest part of my life. It was, it was Jesus, that held my hand and walked me through my valley of the shadow of death. It was the Lighthouse that gave me hope and comfort. It was Jesus, the Lighthouse, that keeps me safe and sound in the rocky sea.
I know very well…it will be the same, old, Lighthouse that will continue to guide my way and lead me home to glory. If you can, spare some moments to listen to this song…
Let Him be your Lighthouse too…
the gatekeeper07

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