True worship…

Worship the Lord our God and serve only Him!
Two things struck me this week. First, was the book "Mother Teresa: Come be My Light", a new book regarding the thoughts and motivation behind all her actions, the Saint of Calcutta. Second was a simple phrase printed on the front of a CD cover by Hillsongs, "Ultimate Worship". These two things do not seems to have any connection at the moment. I am only done with the first 2 chapters of the book and I am so inspired or I should say humbled by the thoughts of this extraordinary woman of God. She loves God. She simply loves Jesus. She lived for Him…and nothing else. That motivation behind all her actions is that simple love that she has for Jesus. She made a personal vow of to give to God anything that He may ask…including her life, which righfully didn’t belong to her anymore when she made the vow. One of the most stunning statement that she made was, and I quote, "If I ever become a Saint – I will surely be one of ‘darkness’. I will continually be absent from Heaven – to light the light of those in darkness on earth." Like Jesus, she is willing to leave behind the splendour of Heaven, to shed God’s light upon the earth. I remember once I was watching a documentary with my father regarding Mother Teresa and my father made a striking statement: "She is Jesus". The statement may sound rude…rude to associate or even compare yourself with Jesus, the Lord and Giver of life. But isn’t that what our Lord wants from us…to be like Him…She is Jesus. Mother Teresa has imitated her Lord so well, that people could see her Master in her. My father is a non-believer and he was able to see our Lord Jesus in this woman. Marvellous!
Then, the phrace "Ultimate Worship". I was asking myself…what is ultimate worship? Then when I looked at the cover jacket of the book, Come be My Light, I found the answer to the question. Ultimate worship is a whole life of devotion to God. It is a whole life of love for Jesus Christ and the many souls. When I look at Mother Teresa, she is a sacrifice of worship unto the Lord herself. She lived for Jesus and the souls that He wants to save. She lived to shed the light of God into darkness…bringing light of hope and mercy to the poor. She didn’t come to accomplish her vow…she came to fulfill what her Master wanted for her to do. Her only aspiration is to do what the Lord would want her to do. She has no agenda of her own…but yet she shines…not with her own light…but with the light of Christ the King. So worship is life! Worship is surrender! Worship is no-self. In worship we lost ourselves. If we don’t then there is no worship to talk about. In worship we become more like Jesus. If we don’t then that’s not worship. In worshipping God, we must become an imitation of His divine nature. We cannot walk out of the Most Holy Place remaining the same. We must experience a transformation in the Presence of God! Mother Teresa’s whole life of worship unto her King resulted in her whole life of transformation into the likeness of Jesus. This includes the sufferring of Christ. She not only imitated His divine nature of love, care and compassion, she also imitated His sufferring and pain. That’s ultimate worship. Mother Teresa no longer…but Christ is…
Let’s reflect…and reflect…
the gatekeeper07

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