2008 A New Year

2008 A New Year Ahead
I still miss my Hong Kong trip with my family. It was just one week ago…but it now seems so far away. It has reduced to just plain memories. Now I am looking forward to the next holiday, which is Chinese New Year. That also seems very far fetch. Perhaps life will be easy if I just live for the weekends.
Well, it’s the new year, new day and first day of 2008. Did I go for any countdown? Nah…too old for things like that. I slept my way to first day of 2008. In fact, just 10 mins before my alarm clock strike midnight, I went to bed. So never bother to see the new year transiting. Sad right? No lah…once you reach certain age…sleep is more important then anything else.
2008 started off with pretty fine weather. I think the temperature should be around 28 to 29 degree celsius. Pretty cooling and cloudy. I hope that is representative of the new year ahead; fine and cooling weather. It’s a comfortable weather to wake up with. What I did for the first day of the year? Well, I logged on the my Facebook and started sending new year’s greetings to all my friends and my group members. Sending new year’s greetings is getting easier. Just log on then send it to all…cool!
Okay…what resolution? I really don’t know. I don’t really believe in resolution. But if I really should have it will be making a trip to Israel. I hope this year I will be able to make a trip there. The of course, I hope everything will go well in school and work. And of course I will stay healthy. Don’t think they are too difficult to ask right?
Anyway, tomorrow is the first day of school. Yah…hate to face this reality. Still have to…
Okay…wish everyone Happy New Year!
the gatekeeper07

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