A Hard LIfe……
Yes…I am at home on a Sunday morning. I was very tired after half a day of sandcastle building. It was pretty fun though. I’ve never thought that I can make a sandcastle of that volume….and we did it. Well of course with the help of some very creative tools and lots and lots of water. Dude….of course SAND too. I didn’t like the preachy part. It was like so draggy and that fellow just went on and on….it was so unnecessary. Every lesson is in the castle….that’s what hands-on is all about.
Well, four weeks into the new school term and so much have happened. It felt as though I have worked for 4 months already. Things are just moving so fast…so super fast . Sometimes I am feeling so breathless…so tired…so choked…and there’s no on to deliver me from all these. I don’t go to Facebook as often as before…I don’t update my blog as often as before…and more and more….oh no….it’s terrible…it’s horrible…it’s pathetic…
Will things get better after Chinese New Year? I really hope so….but I also doubt so. This is only the beginning of the year and I have full confident that things will only get worst. I have pile and pile of marking waiting for me to clear…I have payments waiting for me to clear…my workstation in school is just piling up each day….and there’s so many meetings going on each week…and all waste of our time….what kind of life is this….God have mercy on me!
Anyway the thing that I am looking forward to is the Chinese New Year holiday. Gosh…it’s one a half week from now. Praise God….I am seeing it coming my way. I can finally get a breather. I sort of miss going to church actually. I need to go for service next week. I must go for service next week. But I thank God that I can still hear His still, small voice every morning…I really need that. I need the Presence of God each time to carry me through. Without Him I can do nothing…but with Him I can do ALL things…cos He will strengthen me and empower me to do His will and fulfill His purpose in my life.
With the Carnival approaching…the stress level is going higher and higher. I am very worried that things will not kick off. I am so super super worried. God help me to complete this project….help me to glorify You….Help me to give You the greatest glory and praise….I am sure it will be a success…not because I am doing it…not because it is Christ Church…but because God is…and He is….And of course the wonderful Carnival Com. It’s a wonderful team…..
Well, I guess that’s all for now….I always have lousy ending for my blog entry….okay let’s see how I should end….
Okay I think this is a good way:

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