Shine Jesus Shine

3/2/08, The Lord’s Day

The processional hymn was Shine Jesus Shine. As the high Cross was processing out and the anthem was ringing, that all familiar tune of the revival in the 1980s, I sensed a very strong and powerful Presence of God in our midst. As the Cross was moving out, I felt as though the Lord saying, “Come Christians, it’s time for harvest! Come, it’s time to follow behind the Cross of Jesus Christ and march into battle! Come, it’s time to move into the World and lift high the Gospel of peace and hope!”

At a personal level, the question that Reverend Moore threw to us this morning hit me. He asked, “Have we been living a life guided by the Bible?” It’s not a new question but it’s a question that’s been asked many times. How much of our lives are guided by the principles that God laid down for us in His holy writ? Question like this one will bring us to reality of truth that we do not wish to face: the truth that our lives are far from being biblically guided; the truth that our lives are far from the victorious life that Jesus Christ, our Saviour, promised in His holy Gospel.

Last night, the Lord spoke to me regarding “watchfulness”. I have not watched this life of mine carefully and biblically. Will I be found worthy when my Lord comes again in glory and splendour? Will I be found to be a bride with spot when the bridegroom comes?

It’s the season of Lent beginning from Wednesday. It will be a good time to really look into my own life and reflect on my 22 years as a Christian. There are a few things that I intend to do during this season of Lent.

·        I want to reflect on Psalm 119.

·        I want to reflect on the Lent Devotional Guide.

·        I want to reflect on the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a different perspective.

In so doing, I want to take stock of my Christian life and where is my positioning now. Is Christ still on the highest throne of my life or something else have “de-throne” Him? What is the condition of my heart? Is Jesus still my First Love? Have I forgotten my First Love?


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