Reflection on Recent Happenings

Reflection on Recent Happenings
Recently I found a good website, and have been downloading lots and lots of powerpoint slides for free. Now I have a very big pool of resources to teach my students. On the other hand, not too sure when I will use them on my students. I mean not too sure when I will have the time to teach them anything out of the textbook. I am also beginning to gather my resources for the new subject that I will be teaching  – Elements of Business Skills. I really think that this is a good subject for the Normal Technical students. I mean it really trains them and prepare them for the workforce in the future. I mean education must be relevant….and it must stay relevant.
It’s been 4 months since the beginning of the school year. God has been faithful and good. However, I have seen at least 4 teachers who broke down over the 4 months. I have seen teachers who broke down in tears during class session. I have seen teachers who have been so stress up between the demands of the family and school…One teacher almost burn out…or already burn out when organising one major event in school. It can be pretty scary to see all these. Perhaps 3 years plus ago, I would probably be very worried about when would it be my turn. But now…I tend to take all these with a brighter and lighter heart. It’s not easy to be a teacher. All sorts of demands and expectation are on you and you seems obligated to fulfill them all. Sometimes the working climate can be so cold that you can hardly find anyone to talk your heart out and to have someone to offer a listening ear.
There’s so little done over the years for teachers’ renewal. There’s no renewal programme initiated to help teachers get back to their strong standing right at the beginning when they chose to teach. I think there should. Passion needs to be renewed in many occasion. We cannot just simply talk about passion…passion is an action…thus you need to service it…you need to renew it…you need to re-start it at times…
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