PESTA 2008 BB Malaysia Camp

PESTA 2008 "BB Boleh!"
This is the second time that the 11th Coy went overseas. The first time was 3 years ago when Wesley and myself brought a small group of senior boys to Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand, for a mission/CIP trip. This time, we signed up for PESTA 2008, the BB National Camp for Malaysia. In total 20 of us, 2 officers and 18 Boys, participated in this event. It’s a 6 days camp at the University of Malaysia, Sabah, the largest university in Malaysia. The Boys started the camp with lots to adapt. They were not use to the food served and the accomodation. They felt alienated too. They were really strangers in foreign land. However, I was so proud of them. Over the next 2 days, they have learnt to accept the discomfort of being away from home and began to enjoy the camp as any others. They began to make friends with the local BB Boys, participated in the Singing Competition, Opening Ceremony, and the Bamboo Dance which entered the Malaysia Book of Record. The Bamboo Dance was the largest in participation – over 800 participants in total and used more than 400 bamboo sticks in all. The Gala Dinner was the highlight of the whole camp.
The Gospel Concert also witnessed the many who made the decision to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal King and Savior. A few of our Boys have also made the decision to follow Jesus, the Captain of our souls. Glory to Jesus our King! During the dinner the Boys from various companies and countries and states came together for a time of interaction and making friends with one another. Some of my Boys collected more than 70 contacts in all. The 11th Coy became the main attraction as we are the only BB company from another country other than the Philippines.
What I enjoyed most in the camp is the time I spent talking with the Boys and sharing evening devotion with them. I certainly hope that my pockets of scripture sharing will bring about a deeper understanding of God’s Word in their lives. It’s been great praying and working with the Boys! Well, the Bamboob dance saw another event which brought all of us together in unity. United with the other Boys from Malaysia, we entered the Malaysia Book of Record as the largest in participation in Bamboo Dance. Because of this, I am scaling now…sigh!
I am very sure that our Boys have achieved much from this camp and they have brought back home with them little pockets of nice memories to share with the rest.
To God be the glory…great things He has done!
the gatekeeper07

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