A Little Story about Jesus

A Little Story about Jesus…(taken from CHR morning devotion)
As usual, I would fetch my niece from her school after work. When we reached the bus stop to alight, she asked an interesting question, which the Wright brothers asked many years back: "Why can’t human being fly in the sky?" I guess the standard reply to this question is that we don’t have wings and we are too heavy for flying. I added and said, "God didn’t make us to fly. He made us to walk." Then she went on to ask, "Why didn’t God make us able to fly?" I replied again and said, "Because God loves to walk?" I added, "He loves to walk with us and spend times with us."
She paused for a while and she started her enquiry again. This time she asked, "Where is God?" I was stuck for a while. How to explain the existence of God to a 5 years old? To my astonishment, my niece replied to her own question and said, "Jesus is up up in the heaven…and down down in my heart." I was totally stunt for a moment. An innocent 5 years old knew the very fact that God is high above the heavens, watching over us, and yet, He is also deep deep down in our hearts. He is so high in the heavens and yet so close to us, walking with us.
Today, God is near. He is walking among us. Look around you, it is not only your teachers, principal and vice principal walking around, watching you and making sure that you are doing the right thing at the righ time. God and his many many angels are also walking among us, watching us, protecting us and making sure that we will do the right thing. He is ever near us. When we are doing the right thing, Jesus is there to lend us a hand, and making sure that we do the right thing well. When we are about to do something wrong, Jesus is also there to warn us of the consequence that we have to bear eventually. What is important is that we must be very aware that God is here…He is walking with us…watching us…guding us…and loving us. You are never alone in Christ Church Secondary School. This is because God is always here….