Lenten Reflection 2

Lenten Reflection 2
I was having dinner with my mum one day and was sharing with her a story from the Bible. The story was told of a woman who was brought before Jesus. This woman happened to be a prostitute. The public opinion of prostitute hasn’t change much over the years. People are still looking down on them and they are seen as dirty and with low moral value. Anyway this woman was brought before Jesus and the crowd was asking the Lord Jesus how He would deal with her. Jesus was sitting down quietly. He was totally cool about the whole commotion. He bent down gently, and scribbled some words on the floor. The Bible did not tell us what he scribbled on the floor. I do not wish to make any groundless speculation.
I guess the crowd was waiting for Jesus to reply to their accusation of this woman. Jesus remained silent for quite a while. The crowd was probably arguing among themselves what Jesus should do. Finally, Jesus broke his silence and said something like this, "He who among you is without sin may go ahead to cast the first stone at this woman." The hearts of the people there felt like being pierced by a double edged sword. Slowly less and less people were talking and arguing….they all slowly, one by one, dropped the stones in their hands and walked away. The woman was left alone with Jesus. The Lord finally looked up to her and asked, "where are your accusers?" The woman replied with her frailed voice, " They have left. I am left alone with you now." Jesus replied gently but full of authority and said, "Then you may go too. Your sins are forgiven. Go, and sin no more!" The woman slowly pushing herself off the ground, getting on her two feet. She slowly walked away from Jesus. Tears run down from her eyes and she took a last look at this man..not with the same eyes that she looked at other men in the past…she knew very very well that her eyes were beholding the Saviour of the world. She knew very well that she just had an unusual encounter with almighty God!
In this season of Lent, we need to have a fresh encounter with Jesus again. We need to look inside ourselves, our sins, our weaknesses and our pride and arrogance. We need to once again be reminded that we are all sinners saved by the grace of God. Without His grace and mercy we are absolutely nothing. We need to also be reminded not to be too quick to judge others. Before we even cast stone, we need to check our hearts. Sometimes, dropping the stone accusation can be form of spiritual release for some. I am so glad that Jesus was bent down when the woman was brought to her. He did not join in with the crowd to have another pair of eyes looking at her. She doesn’t need another pair of eyes to look at her….she needs a hand to touch her heart again. She needs a Saviour to speak forgiveness and mercy into her.
Let us come before Jesus in this season of Lent to ask Him to touch our hearts again. We need Jesus to revisit us as sinners saved by grace…yes we are a new creation…no longer a sinner in Him…but we need to visit the Cross of suffering once again…to remind ourselves of the grace we received from Him…. 
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