My Little New Toy

My Little New Toy
Just bought a little new toy for myself. With his new toy, I am able to stay connected as I am on the move. Yes, I bought a mini laptop. Though not a very good brand but it is ok, cos I just need a simple one to stay online when I am on the move or relaxing in a cafe. This one is really small and convenient. It is only 1kg with the battery. This is reallly light. I think this will be my new companion as I travel from one place to another.
This one for only $499…so think it is cheap. Plus, I can claim $400 from LDS. So I will only pay $99.00 for this new toy. Kool? I think it is kool!


终于把这个星期的课教完了!赞美主!这个星期真的是要了我这条老命。也许是两个周末来都没有好好的 rest 到。有时候我跟本就不知道自己在教些什么,就这样那这课本就进去班上。不过我可没有乱教哦!这是不道德也不专业的。不管多么累都因该放心思去好好的把课教好来。这是一份责任,一份专业。教书可不可以马乱乱来啊!不过我真的有想到要拿 MC 。 可是一想到如果自己没来的话学生就没有可上,我就没有让自己修息的勇气。什么时候修息都需要勇气呢?真是的!不管了,这个星期也算是完了。明天还有一天的无聊的东西。为什么就不能让我们做一些自己的事呢? 就这样了!


这几天都觉得很累。也不知道为什么。有时真的想一想,“有教还真的很累!”到底我累在那里呢?其实我自己也不知道。可能是工作环境太乱了吧。在这里我们跟本静不下心来好好的教书。不是那个就是这个。有时还真的很累! 真的需要上帝赐给我们力量来面对着一切。有时真的有一股冲动把一切都放下,霄灑的走一回,让自己的心自由而快乐!可是要霄灑可不是一件容易的事。这里面包含了多少知慧和创意。身为凡夫俗子的我又着么能有能力达到这等儿境界呢!

Don know what I am thinking….

It is this time of the year that deserving civil servants get their promotion. Indeed, congratulation to all who got their promotion and may the Lord continue to enable them to soar a greater height for our students and nation. As for me, I have lots of mixed feelings. I have been thinking about leaving the school and move on to another working environment that I am not familiar all together. Sometimes I feel that I am just too familiar with everything in the school and things have become very mundane and very boring. I do not know where to find the height and the excitement of my job…neither do I know where to seek for any encouragement. I do not feel that I still have a purpose in this school. Or what else can I give to this school? I must admit that with the new Principal, things have changed so much. I have never seen a Principal so dedicated and so committed to the well-being of the students. I certainly have lots to learn from her, such an experience educator. But I also feel that, after all the lesson times and meetings and whatsoever, what else do I have left?
A wounded soldier is what I will describe myself to be. Sad to say that but I have been wounded, injured….tattered. So many years in this school I have not accomplished much for my students, for my fellow colleagues and perhaps for myself. I am indeed just a wage earner. I report to work. I sign in everyday…I work…and I knock off….and I get paid. Perhaps like the Preacher said, "All things are wearisome…" (Ecc 1:8). Sometimes our toiling and sweating come to nothing and meaningless. Sometimes I really do not what have I done to impact these students’ lives? Or have done anything at all? Or have I cause more harm then good?
I cannot find a direction at the moment. I really don’t think that anyone in this school can at the moment provide me with a clear direction. Maybe I am just too familiar here. So familiar that to some extend I don’t wish to see any changes to anything. So I need a change. I need to put myself in a situation where I will strive and move on….where I will force myself to change too….
Let me just continue to think about it….and seek the Lord for a direction….perhaps things will be clearer the next time I post my thoughts on my blog….