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The school is clouded by an atmosphere of depression and disappointment with the students’ results. Things really look very bad from every angle and there don’t seems to be a way out of this. I am feeling very disappointed myself. What exactly have we done wrong and what exactly have we not done. I think it is very unfair to simply point at the teachers and say that they have not done enough or they should do more in this area or that area. I really believe that all concern teachers would have put in their effort to teach our kids well and making sure that nothing is left out. However, if we have put in the effort then what exactly is wrong about our teaching?
When I reflect on my class, I really see a number of them who have really put in their effort for the MYE. But there is simply no output from them. I have one conclusion to this, that is they may not know how to study effectively. I believe our students not only need to know the subject mastery, but they also need to know how to study. I intend to sit together with my students and teach them how exactly to study. I may not be the brightest student when I was one, but I think I know and can study.
the gatekeeper07

Mark and reflect….

I am finally done with my Mid-Year marking. Its been a long two weeks of tedious and arduos marking. I have been praying very hard for this to end and it finally ended today. I can finally play with my Restaurant City without having to worry for my next stack of exam scripts. Well, at least the first step is done. I will have my marker’s report to do and the keying in of marks and remarks for my students. Honestly, they didn’t do very well after all the efforts put in by the many teachers. I really do not know how to account for their poor performance. On one hand, our teachers have really been putting in that extra effort to help and the sacrifices that they have made, on the other hand, the students are not responding likewise. Gosh! What must we do to make them listen and respond to our teaching! Are we fighting a loosing battle? I hate to think that way but sometimes consistent failures make us think that way. What else can we do to make them LEARN? What else must we do to TEACH?
I really pray for God to give me the wisdom to be that effective teacher that I should be. I know that I am definitely not the best teacher in town, but I need to try my very best to do this. I am particularly very disappointed with my 4-? cos they really did very badly. God help me to do this, please!
I was at the block party organsied by my sister and her RC. Shit man… was really a damn boring party. The magic show was far from being magical and even my niece exclaimed that it was really boring and "not fun". But I observed something quite tragic yesterday. When the MP stood up and presented her speech, the kids around her were all playing and screaming. The parents actually allowed them to do so regardless of the speech going on. Immediately I thought of the situation when during assembly or chapel that the students just simply talk amond themselves and was totally indifferent towards what’s happening to the speaker. Now I know where the practice comes from….it started at home. The parents allowed that to happen in event like this and so the students also grew up thinking that it is alright to do so. How tragic! I quickly told my niece to pay attention when someone important is talking. May the Lord help us in this!
No wonder the school is having such a hard time disciplining our kids. Everything that we teach the kids in school is "de-learn’ or ‘de-teach’ when the students reached home. How curse is this! Parents need to understand that values and beliefs come from home and not the school. The school play the role of reinforcing these values and beliefs. The school cannot take over this important role of teaching our kids moral values because the moment this happened, the whole family system may break down…the school system will malfunction. I really think that there is a need to restore the traditional positioning of family and parents. They are loosing their positioning in the midst of modernisation and westernisation. The western world deviate from the traditional family values and therefore the whole social system is breaking apart. The reason why Asian tradition is generally still stronger is because that we always place very strong emphasis on family being the foundational blocks of the society. That cannot change and must not change. God help us in this!
Till next time…..God is our Enabler!
the gatekeeper07


好了. 该去改学生的作业了… 累又着么样… 还不是得做下去.