Recent Happenings

The school is clouded by an atmosphere of depression and disappointment with the students’ results. Things really look very bad from every angle and there don’t seems to be a way out of this. I am feeling very disappointed myself. What exactly have we done wrong and what exactly have we not done. I think it is very unfair to simply point at the teachers and say that they have not done enough or they should do more in this area or that area. I really believe that all concern teachers would have put in their effort to teach our kids well and making sure that nothing is left out. However, if we have put in the effort then what exactly is wrong about our teaching?
When I reflect on my class, I really see a number of them who have really put in their effort for the MYE. But there is simply no output from them. I have one conclusion to this, that is they may not know how to study effectively. I believe our students not only need to know the subject mastery, but they also need to know how to study. I intend to sit together with my students and teach them how exactly to study. I may not be the brightest student when I was one, but I think I know and can study.
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2 thoughts on “Recent Happenings

  1. Hi there! 🙂 I often call this period of time the post-exam blues… well, at least for the teachers and school managament! haha! Year after year, we see ourselves dismayed and disappointed by the high msg…and mull over the reasons why our students are not performing. But just to encourage all of us here! Let\’s be spurred on by the high msg – all for the kids! As said in Neh 2:18 – "Let us start rebuilding." So they began this good work.Jia you! 🙂

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