A Flu Call Swine – H1N1 Flu

The whole nation was clouded with an atmosphere of mystery and suspense for the past one week or so. The big question has been whether MOE or MOH will decide to extend the school June vacation by another week to prevent the further spread of the flu. As I walked around the Woodlands area, students whom I met asked me whether school will be closed next week. Then, I really had no idea at all. As of today, this cloud of mystery and suspense had been cleared and it is very obvious that all healthy students and school staff will be expected to report to school as scheduled and life will go on as per normal. What a great disappointment to many!
Many parents expressed their concerns if school holiday were to be extended. Some were concern that it will affect the students’ results, while some were worried that there would be no one to take care of their kids if they were to stay at home. With the annocement that school will open as scheduled, another group of peeople are raising their concerns – the educators. Most are worried about their own health and the health of their children if they themselves are infected with the virus. Many pregnant are planning to ask their gynae for extended MC or hospitalization leave at home to avoid contact with thousand over students next week.
I must really say that this is a tough decision that the ministry has to make over the past few days. Which ever decision they make, there will be voiced of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. One teacher commented that the government is selfish in not closing the school next week because they want the Asian Youth Game to go one without disruption. Some think that the parents are very selfish as they only think of their own kids and no one seems to be bothered by the amount of exposure that teachers may have and putting them at risk of getting H1N1. Well of course some applauded the decision as this means that life goes back to the norm and we really don’t have to fear.
Whatever it is, we should let whatever will be will be. I believe that whether this is a good decision or not, time is the best witness. The Tao of things is speechless and yet it is full of understanding. The Tao of things is being active about the inactivity. The Tao of things is to move as the wind blows. So we move, not that we don’t, but we move in accordance with the nature of things. I am sure that God will see us through this difficult time very soon and we will see the light of day.
the gatekeeper07