God, are you there?

Every night, I will tell a story to my niece before she sleeps. That night, she was in my room. I was reading my Bible and she came in to ‘disturb’  me for a story. I told her that I will tell her a story once I finished reading my Bible and asked her to go to her room and wait for me. She didn’t but instead she was tossing on my bed while waiting for me to finish. I finally finished and put down my Bible. Then my niece asked me, "Why do you always read your Bible?" I replied and said, "That’s because God wrote His story there." Then she did something very interesting and I was so amused and yet so ministered by her. She took my Bible and looked at it….then she began to innocently asked, "God, are You inside? Are you there? Hello!" I was so amused. As a little child, when I told her that God wrote His story in the Bible…her immediate response was literal. She believed that God is inside the Bible and we can indeed find Him there. What manner of faith is this?
Do we really believe that God is inside the Bible? Do we really believe that we can find Him there when we began to read it everyday? I know sometimes reading the Bible can be a drag and can be very dry, but once you discovered that you can find God, in it, you will know that reading the Bible is an adventure…it is an exploration. As leaders, we need to draw our strength from knowing God. And how do we know Him? That is through reading His Word. When we began to know God, our vision is expanded and our faith enlarged. As leaders in the BB, we need to see a bigger picture of things.
Throughout this week, let us take a little more time to read His Word and to know God deeper. May His Word constantly strengthen you and empower you as a leader. May His Word, set the vision for your ministry in BB and that you can share the same vision with your Boys. As officers and leaders, let us also take time to share God’s Word with our Boys and allow the Word of God to be a guidepost to their lives. If we don’t share with them, who else will?
There will not be parade for the next coming few weeks. Perhaps you may want to organise 1 or 2 informal sessions with your platoon to share with them. Or you may just want to give them a call to drop in them 1 or 2 verses of encouragement during the exam period. I urge you to do so as spiritual encouragement and mentorship is also part of our many responsibilities.
May the Lord add many blessings to us and our family through the reading of His Word!
the gatekeeper07