Packing my stuff

I finally got down to packing my work desk today. It’s like a yearly event and it always makes me feel great to clear away all the unwanted stuff that have been piling for the past one year. You really can feel a good sense of relieved and liberation when you see all the space coming back to you….and you are able to see the stuff that you placed on your desk. I kept throwing and throwing and it was really very therapeutic to do so.

When I come back from Australia, I am going to throw away more things. I love throwing things away….hahahaha. Actually sometimes I don’t really know what I am throwing away. And that’s perhaps tells me that there’s so many things that I may think that it is important…may actually turn out to be so trivial and so “throwable”! Of course I am really not the environmentally friendly person….ops….many ‘green’ people will curse and swear me. I killed many trees today…hahahaha…

For now, I am just waiting to fly off to Australia…

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