Privacy of the Private

I have been observing this trend for quite a number of months and yesterday while I was taking the northbound train home, I decided to pen my thoughts down. I have been observing that nowadays people like to put on a earpiece or headphones everywhere they go. I have seen people putting on their earpiece or headphones while talking with their friends, or even while at work, or even just walking along the street. I know this phenomenon is not exactly new but it is becoming more and more wide spread over the years.

I often look at their faces and they are always expressionless and many of them just simply shut themselves away from the surrounding. Sometimes you will hear them humming along with the song that they are listening. To me, this is very strange. It is strange because I cannot understand why people have to do this…and more and more are doing this. I must confess that I do this alot at home. I would on my computer, pluck in my Gardo headphones and just enjoy moments with myself. But I certainly am not use of doing this in the public. When I am out, I would like to look, listen and feel for the city heartbeat.

To me, looking, listening and feeling my surrounding is so important. But these people have chosen not to listen and not to feel to a certain extend. Sometimes I even doubt that they are really looking. Recently I was discussing with a good friend about escape-ism and how many city-dwellers or even modern men choose to escape into their own haven and desire to be disconnected with the world or to be more specific their 5 senses. We all need that little corner in our hearts that we can hide. We need that little dark corner to cry, to laugh at ourselves or even to rest.

What I observed is that people are finding less time to spend in that little dark corner of their heart. Thus, this headphones and earpiece phenomenon is really an outward expression of that inward desire for that personal privacy or space. It’s pretty pathetic that the post-modern are finding it hard to get grip of themselves and thus for many a deep sense of lostness.

I believe many of these post-modern men are finding it difficult to hang on at the edge of the cliff. This is the tragedy of the post-modern men. We have removed so many things and now we have nothing to hold on to, not even the self. Therefore this shutting away from the surrounding and the escape from their consciousness.

This is the angst of the post-modern men.

the gatekeeper

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