A new year…but what is so new about the new year?

Reflection on the “new” year…

It is so interesting that people whom I have met expressed their shock-ness of how fast 2010 has left us and how fast the December vacation is gone. Sometimes (sometimes? perhaps all the time), I just find it difficult to comprehend the shock-ness of it all. Why should anyone be shocked by the acceleration that our days and years pass through and by us? Perhaps the shock-ness is a results of many regrets and unfinished works for the year. But then again, every year has its own unfinished works and every year has its own regrets. I was just telling my beloved family that I regret that I did not take more MCs in 2010. My new year’s resolution is to take more MCs in 2011. How about that for a resolution? Well, again, resolutions are meant to be broken…they are meant to be forgotten as the year go pass us each day. I can’t even remember what resolutions I made beginning of last year. Or did I make any? Oh no…is that even important?

So what is so new about the new year? Well, new number to buy for 4D. 201o used to be the hot number last year…so now 2011 is the hot one. Or is it 1102? Or 1012? Or 1120? Whatever! Or maybe 1102….my birthday? Anyway, I am very sure that I can find something new to say about the new year. Let me think…think…..I KNOW!!! In this new year, I discovered that there’s nothing new about the new year! For some reason, we humans, like to live in this self-deception that there is always a new beginning or whatsoever! In actual fact, what is new will be come old…so soon and fast! Just like the newspaper…the news are never new…

I recently went to one or two of my favourite book rooms and I walked round and round and I found nothing that really catches my interests. Not trying to sound very intellectual or scholarly here…eee….never a scholar! But really, I see authors writing and wandering over the same subjects over and over again. Where is the breakthrough of our human quest for knowledge and truth? We perhaps need to learn from the ancient greeks…and their super thirst for metephysical truth and that hunger to know and to be known. But then again, truth, in this post-modern age is so relative and subjective. Well, what is not subjective? I cannot even say that my Christian belief is objective…cos it is a subjective faith although it is the only faith that worship the one, true God…hey, that’s so subjective! Hahahaha!

Actually, there’s something that I am quite looking forward to…that is teaching in the Cathedral. I am going to join the Baptism-Confirmation Class as part of the teaching team! Not really something new….but something that I am looking forward to. May the Lord God help me!

the gatekeeper