Happy Lunar New Year

I am always very happy when it comes to Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year. I always feel more happy than the solar one. Maybe because I am a Chinese and I always feel that there’s more to look forward to than the solar new year. It is good to live in Asia for you celebrate both the solar and lunar new year. Thank God for that!

Every year, my wish and prayer for the new year is for everyone in the family to experience the peace of God and that my house will be filled with joy and laughter. What is more important than to have the whole family living harmoniously together. I thank God for everyone in the family and especially my two nieces. I used to have alot of negative thoughts about my family, especially when I don’t come from a perfect family. But as I grow older and more mature, I guess, I find that God has given me a much bigger heart to accept the things that I cannot change and the courage to face them.

Anyway, there’s lots of things in life that is beyond our control and we need to ask God to give us the grace to face them and the strength to overcome them. The Lord is always gracious and compassionate. May the Lord give me more grace…


the gatekeeper

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