The Person of Christ 2

Christ is God!

The 39 Articles of Faith of the Anglican Church claims that, and I quote, “The Son, which is the Word of the Father, begotten from everlasting of the Father, the very and eternal God, and of one substance with the Father…whereof is one Christ, very God, and very Man.” Thus Christ is in every essence God Almighty, the Creator of the universe. This has become a hard truth for many contemporary Christians because it sounds totally absurd and ridiculous that a monotheistic religion like Christianity seem to believe in multiple gods. It seems difficult to reconcile the monotheistic nature of the Christian faith and existence of three persons in one Godhead. Because it is a difficult truth to accept, many modern churches today have chosen to compromise with this fundamental Christian theology about Christ.

I am not here to defend this belief that Jesus is in every essence God and God is in every substance Christ the Lord! If Christ is not God, then he cannot be anybody else. The Islamic faith believe that Christ is a prophet to the Jews and he is inferior to Prophet Muhammad, who is the greatest prophet the god of the Koran had ever sent. The Mormons believe Christ was a created being like any others. They believe that Christ is the brother of Michael, the Archangel and like him, Christ is also an Archangel. These Archangels are said to be brothers and special children of God. The Jehovah Witnesses believe in something like this as well. They reject the divinity of Christ and embrace him like a prophet or a servant of the Most High. The fact is, if Christ is not God, then he is not anything else. We cannot accept a Christ that is anything lesser than God. There is enough biblical evidences that suggest that Christ is God, Yahweh, Elohim.

The most explicit declaration of Christ as God can be found in the Book of Revelation Chapter 1 verse 8 and I quote, “I am the Alpha and Omega,” says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

The Jews of Jesus’ days knew the true implication of Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God. As a matter of fact, in John 5:18, the Pharisees wanted to kill Him, not only because He broke the Sabbath but He also claimed to be the Son of God, making Himself equal with God. Thus, the Jews understood that by claiming to be the Son of God, Jesus was making Himself equal with God. In Luke 22:70, Jesus did not reject the claim that He is the Son of God when He was asked. He said that the claim was right and He is indeed God’s only begotten Son. In John 10:30, Jesus claimed that He is equal with God and that both are one. The Greek word for the “Son” is huios. The word refers to a son who derives his very nature and essence from the father and this not through ordinary means. It denotes a direct offspring of a father. In other words, Christ is directly from the Father and that He derives His very nature from the heavenly Father, thus sharing the same nature and essence from God Himself.

Christ divinity is undeniably true and indisputable. The Lord Jesus is God and He is God became flesh and dwelt among us for three years and more so that men can know God and be reconcile with Him.

Why is the divinity of God important to us. It is important because it concerns the very foundation of God’s love for humanity. If Christ is not God, then there is no “Word became flesh”. When there is no “Word became flesh” then the entire gospel of salvation cannot stand. The sacrificial lamb must be spotless and undefiled. In other words, it has to be clean, pure and without abnormality. Translating this into the salvation framework, Christ must be spotless and without blemish. He must be sinless and totally righteous. And we have a problem here. If Christ is not God and just merely a human or a created being, then Christ cannot be unblemished and cannot be spotless. Thus, He must be God for only God is totally and entirely righteous and holy. Therefore the divinity of Christ has a strong implication on the entire framework of salvation. The framework will not stand if Christ is not God. He must be God.

I am so glad that He is God…that He is Elohim and that He is Yahweh. He is God and is worthy of our worship and our praise. He is God and He is answer to our prayers. He is God and He is sovereign. I may not be able to fully understand the fullness of His divinity and the mystery of the holy Trinity, but I know for very sure that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He is in every essence God, the same God who created the heavens and the earth.


Dear Lord Jesus, You are God! You are the Lord of the Universe. You are the Lord of this nation. There is no one like You! I can use the whole of eternity to search and still I cannot find one who is equal with You. Because You are God, You are constant and unchangeable. In a world, that is full of uncertainty and chaos, You are the only constant. I thank You that I can rely on You and I can put my faith in You. Lord Jesus, as I embark on this journey to know You more, reveal Yourself to me. Give me a fresh new revelation of who You are. In knowing You more, I want o serve You better and I want to worship You better!


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