Communication Breakdown

A concerned parent called and complained that the school failed to communicate earlier on with regard to is son’s poor academic progress. Se felt that there’s communication breakdown on the school’s part. I find the following complain very interesting…and I believe my Principal as well. The child’s result has always been no good and as a matter of fact, I recently called the mum to inform her that the son skipped class and was found out by the discipline mistress.

As I took a day off from my work and I pondered over this interesting complain. Why must the school communicate with the parents? How about the parent’s communication with the child? You mean that the parents don’t ask about his progress and achievements on normal days, and will only start to jump and blame the school when they received the progress report end of term? Where is the communication between the parents and the child? This is so sad and so tragic. Parents are not communicating with the child and they start to blame it on the communication ‘breakdown’ on e school’s part. How convenient this is!

Parents today need to restore their communication with their children and start finding things out from their children and not from the school. The school has done their part by issuing letters and circulars to inform the parents…isn’t it the responsiblilit of the parents to find out these informations from their children? It is no wonder that later on, the parents are always the last one to know when they got into serious or even criminal troubles. Not because it was not made known to them but because they have failed to find out from their children about their well-being and life.

Parents need to reconsider their roles in the family and how they can restore that communication channel with their children. If they don’t do so and continue to blame the school or anyone when things happened, they are going to live with much regrets.

the gatekeeper

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