Friends and Brother are quite hard to come by…but I am so blessed!!

I find myself very blessed this year. Really, as you get older, you will find that friends are quite hard to come by. This is especially so when you are so engrossed in your work everyday and you hardly have anytime for everybody, including yourself. As a matter of fact, I started doing distance walking around my neighborhood so that I can spend some times just between God and me. Anyway, back to friends. This year, or perhaps last year, I find myself in the midst of a group of very young, energetic people in my work place whom we have become very close friends. One even became my DiDi now. There are four of them…one is really not that young actually…older then me in fact. Let’s talk about the first one, JH. JH is a very smart, young lady who is very often being misunderstood by many. When she first came into the school, I very often misunderstood her character and attitude as well. I can’t tell why but I just find it difficult to understand their work attitude and behavior. To some extent, I kept a distant from JH and the rest of her gang. So for about a year or so, I didn’t really get to know the people in my lorong or lane.

I really cannot recall since when I started going out with JH and some of the others. I guess it started with chinese tea. Nope, I think it was Beijing. I was going to Beijing last year and I love Beijing because of its historical values and I always find Beijing very romantic. We started sharing about Beijing and that’s how we started to know each other better. Yes, it was Beijing that brought us closer as colleagues and friends. We were talking about the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall and etc. And later on, tea brought us even closer as friends. I see a lot of myself in JH. I started off as a very passionate teacher, wanting to make a difference in people’s’ lives. However, like many teachers before me, I got disillusioned and started to doubt my ability and even my calling as a teacher. I believe, and I may be wrong, JH at one point also doubted her calling as a teacher. Yes, things may not always happen the way we wanted it to be, and very often our ideal career may end up to be our worst nightmare. In times like this, how do we make sense of ourselves and the passion that we once had? I struggled too! I can see in JH so a dream unfulfilled. Although she is not in her most favorable circumstances at the moment, I am sure she is still holding on to a dream that she believes will come true. Somehow this reflects my impression of Beijing as well. Beijing is like an unfulfilled dream. I really hope that JH will one day find her dream fulfilled.

The second person I would like to talk about is librarian. We will call her librarian. Librarian is a cool lady. Really cool! Like JH, I didn’t quite know who this young lady is. First impression of her was that she is a very dedicated NCDCC volunteer. I always see her hanging around my lorong, helping JH around. She doesn’t talk a lot but she does a lot. I always see her helping the NCDCC officers to do this and that. Again, I can’t recall how I became close to her and I really cannot recall. But I think it was chinese tea again. It’s amazing how chinese tea has chained us together. Although librarian doesn’t talk much, whenever she opens her mouth she is always talking about students and how this this should be done to help the students and how that that that should be done to help. Whenever she does that, I find it so amusing. If only more teachers will have an interest in the well-being of the students! However, recently I discovered something about librarian. Just like our library in school, she is someone longing to be loved. Okay, don’t get me wrong, not that kind of romantic love. She longs to be dote on, and to be “sayang”. I know she gets very angry when people start to tease her…but honestly, sometimes teasing is an expression of love too. It means that I can be candid with you. It means that you can call me “botak” and I won’t mind at all. Okay, why compare her with library…our library is like some entity in the school that is just longing for people the embrace her. Like what Mary said, “Our library is very lethargic!” And I think sometimes, librarian is very lethargic….tired of longing to be loved and cared. I really hope, with this gang of us, you can feel a glimpse of love and care….though we may not always say it…but I think you are a great sister.

Now the third person is rather special. He started off as a co-worker but now he has become a very close DiDi to me. I have always wanted to be an elder brother to someone and Di Di came along. Di Di has a very good character and is always very positive about things. What I really am impressed by him is his involvement in grassroot works. As a matter of fact, we all call him HOD Grassroots. However, Di Di can be quiet at times and tend to keep things to himself. At times, he is also very open to me. I love to share with Di Di because he always look at things from a very wise, simplistic way. Di Di sometimes will purposely make me angry as well….but I am fine cos sometimes I enjoy it as well. Di Di has another real Di Di and they both are twins. So it’s so cute knowing the both of them. To honest, this is my first time being friends to twins. I find my encounter with them very interesting and refreshing. Di Di is also very gentle at times and that gentleness give people a sense of comfort and encouragement. He is also very smart. Di Di must take care of his health. He is always skipping meals and always overworked. I am very blessed to have this Di Di around…and he has really helped me alot in the area of VIA. Just want to say a big THANK YOU to Di Di for all his efforts.

Finally, the last person I wish to talk about is Shu Shu. Shu Shu is a very faithful friend. He is older than anyone of us. Although he is always full of complaints but Shu Shu is always there when you need him to be around. I have known Shu Shu for many years le and I really think that he is a very faithful and loyal friend. He may not always say it but I know that he does care for everybody else. But one think about Shu Shu is that he is always playing game. That’s Shu Shu! In my years of knowing Shu Shu, he is always so reliable and trustworthy. Over the years, he does look more tired now. Oh yah…one more thing about him…he has a lot of fans wor! Everywhere he goes, there’s always people calling him and wanting to get close to him. He is a good Shu Shu not only to us but also to the students. Thank you Shu Shu for all the things you have done.

Ok…this is really a very long entry and I hope I am not boring you to death. However, I really want to say how blessed I am to know these four persons and I hope that we have many more tea chapters to go!!!


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